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Baby Geese Leave the Nest for the First Time?

Baby Geese Leave the Nest for the First Time?

Do geese nest in trees?

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On Imgur there was a list of comments on the picture above and its tagline saying “Baby Geese Leave the Nest for the First Time.” First there was Stevithegreat, who said that the animals aren’t geese but wood ducks that aren’t flying but falling. “It’s how they leave the nest.” Goodloveall partly agreed: “Those arent fucking geese. Geese build nests on the ground.” And some more angry words about people not doing research before posting something.

According to Goodloveall (and most other commenters) the babies aren’t wood ducks but goldeneye ducks, known to nest in the cavities of large trees, about 1 to 18 meters above the ground. As the young leave the nest one or two days after hatching, and only can fly when they’re 5 to 6 weeks old, it seems that these baby ducks are indeed captured during a freefall from their nest. Hopefully with a good ending.

Source: Birdweb

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Carian Thus

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  • Bart
    April 8, 2013, 07:34

    “Hopefully with a good ending”.

    You can rest easy. Evolution has taken care of that: the ducklings weigh next to nothing and they generally land in thick ‘beds’ of fallen leaves. They simply bounce and then scarper to mom who is waiting for them, encouraging them loudly to jump.

    This m.o. has worked for a couple million years. So there can’t be much wrong with it.

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