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    Patrícia Fonseca Pedro

    Patrícia is Portuguese with love for “fado”, English stuff, cooking, reading and of course, science. She is curious and adventurous. Her motto is “No day in which you learn something is a complete loss.” by David Eddings and she is always learning. Lives near the beach and tends to make the most of it.

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  • Dietary Supplements As Life-Lengthening Elixir?

    Dietary Supplements As Life-Lengthening Elixir?0

    Recent research shows how alpha-ketoglutarate increases life-span of worms We live in a world where access to food has no boundaries at all: no when, no where, no why. At least, in developed countries. There is always a market, a cafe, or a fast food chain around the corner and, I speak for myself when

  • How Ginseng Works Against Flu

    How Ginseng Works Against Flu0

    More healthy effects of ginseng discovered. Not that long ago, I heard about ginseng in my Plants’ Diversity class, but it was not given that much relevance. I guess teachers teach better what they like most, and foreign plants (I am Portuguese) were not the thing for that teacher in particular. Soon after that, ginseng