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  • Dolphins vs. US Military in Guam

    Dolphins vs. US Military in Guam0

    As the military expands its presence, spinner dolphins likely to be most affected. Spinner dolphins are beloved for their long noses and ability to make spinning leaps out of the water .  They have also traditionally been threatened by human activity, including tuna fishing in the middle of the 20th century.  Although today there is

  • This Guy Did Petroleum Research Back in 1939

    This Guy Did Petroleum Research Back in 19390

    Lab work at the Geophysical Laboratory in Dallas, Texas, 1939. Source: SMU Central University Libraries / Flickr  how scientists worked in the past, alternative petroleum experiments

  • Health Decisions, Mental Shortcuts

    Health Decisions, Mental Shortcuts0

    How small changes can impact our affect heuristic health choices. On any given day the average person makes hundreds, if not thousands, of tiny rapid decisions that will impact their health.  The decision to eat fruit or sweets for breakfast, to drive faster or slower on the highway, to take the elevator instead of the

  • Children and Social Media

    Children and Social Media0

    Teaching our kids to ride a bike and make a profile. How many babies are you friends with on facebook? I’ve got about 8 within my friend list, who every week or so post a photo or a status message with the caption “having fun with grandma.”  Despite the fact that facebook lists its minimum