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  • Solar Plane Tests Continue to Succeed

    Solar Plane Tests Continue to Succeed0

    World record holder for solar aviation on its way across North America. Another leg of the ambitious “Across America” journey for the world’s most successful solar plane was completed this week in St. Louis, Missouri.  The HB-SIA “Solar Impulse” flew for 21 hours and 22 minutes from Dallas to St. Louis as part of a

  • Are Women Better Babysitters?

    Are Women Better Babysitters?2

    Surveys show that people trust women more than men as caregivers. Whenever you talk about babysitting and who to hire to do such a job, you rarely hear of anyone wanting to hire a man.  Statistics from some of the biggest babysitting agencies in the US indicate that around 90% of their caregivers are female.

  • Video: Silkworm Printer

    Video: Silkworm Printer0

    Exploring the intersection between digital and biological fabrication. SILK PAVILION from Mediated Matter Group on Vimeo. 3d printing, printing fabrics

  • Female Judges: A Different Perspective On Law?

    Female Judges: A Different Perspective On Law?0

    How do female judges differ from their male counterparts? The Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) is made up of 9 judges, 3 of whom are women. In other countries with similar high courts, over the past few decades there are increasingly both male and female judges.  Discussions of how judges approach cases are