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  • Food Born in a Laboratory

    Food Born in a Laboratory0

    Five examples of lab grown food appearing in a supermarket near you. Nu-Tek Salt: It might sound strange but a company based in Minneapolis has been getting a lot of attention for their sodium-free salt substitute. Made of potassium chloride and an organic acid, Nu-Tek Salt looks, feels, and functions just like salt does minus the

  • Why Do People Itch?

    Why Do People Itch?0

    Ever wonder why and how your brain feels an itch and knows exactly where it is? Itching, you do it everyday, often, and without thinking about it.  Yet the actual reason and way that the brain knows to itch a specific spot is surprisingly still not fully understood.  Recently, researchers at the University of Minnesota

  • Tetris Turns 29

    Tetris Turns 291

    On this day in 1984, Tetris, one of the most beloved brain games ever, was released. Designed by Alexey Pajitnov while he was working for the Dorodnicyn Computing Center at the Academy of Science of the USSR in Moscow, Tetris would become the first video game ever exported from the USSR to the US.  Even

  • Gender Pay Gap Persists

    Gender Pay Gap Persists0

    Latest reports indicate that progress towards equal pay  has stagnated. Unequal pay based on gender has long been an unsolved problem throughout the world, including in Western nations where women are supposed to be protected as equals with men, under the law. It is among the top priority issues for women’s and human rights advocacy