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  • Winner “Predicting 2014” Competition

    Winner “Predicting 2014” Competition0

    What did science hold for us in 2014? When the year 2014 was approaching, we at United Academics decided to set up a contest for our bloggers. We asked them to embrace their inner futurologist and write an article of their own choosing on what was going to happen in their field of science in 2014. This

  • Mind Blowing Brain Cases: A Series About Neuroscience

    Mind Blowing Brain Cases: A Series About Neuroscience0

    First version about Phineas Gage soon to be published. The human brain has been described as ‘the most complex thing we have yet discovered in the universe’. In an attempt to understand this fascinating organ, we tend to oversimplify information on how it works and this gives rise to popular brain myths. Luckily, at United Academics we have Elisabeth Buhl Thubron, a Danish/English

  • UA Is Looking For An Editor

    UA Is Looking For An Editor0

    Help us connect science & society! Are you living in Amsterdam, loving science, experienced in writing and ready to take the lead? Then you might be just the one for us. United Academics is looking for a part-time editor that will take responsibility for our online magazine and help us get closer to our goal:

  • Gaming Against Depression: It Can Really Help

    Gaming Against Depression: It Can Really Help0

    Game based interventions could help battling depression amongst elderly Playing World of Warcraft, virtual role-playing or simply exercising with the Wii could help reduce depression. A meta-analysis of 19 different studies of game-based interventions shows encouraging results. And besides the big amount of games for youngsters, the researchers specifically point out much can be done with with