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    Jaime Menchén

    Jaime got into journalism because of his love for reading. Born and bred in Spain, now Amsterdam-based, he has lived in Romania and México. He writes about a wide range of subjects, including culture, travelling and popular science.

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  • Moonrise and Temple of Poseidon

    Moonrise and Temple of Poseidon0

    Chris Kotsiopoulos captures amazing pictures which he posts on his website Greek Sky. This one was made at Sounio, in Greece, and shows a last quarter moonrise and the temple of Poseidon. Click on the image to enlarge it. Photo credit: Chris Kotsiopoulos Source: Greek Sky

  • Scientists Find New Method to Test Bridges’ Health

    Scientists Find New Method to Test Bridges’ Health0

    Listen to bridges “Sing in the Rain” It might become the most efficient and cost-effective method to check if a bridge needs repairing: Just spray the bridge’s deck with water and record the sound. That way, according to researchers at the Brigham Young University, in the US, may be possible to detect delamination (separation of