Access to Research is Every Student’s Right

Access to Research is Every Student’s Right

The Right to Research Coalition tries to shed light on the problem that students sometimes can’t access essential research vital for their own works. This mostly due to the fact that, even though students — through taxes and tuition — underwrite a vast portion of research, they’re denied access to the results unless they also pay often very expensive subscription fees.

In line with what we believe at United Academics, the right to Research coalition argues that the market for academic journals is unlike any other:

The product, journal articles, is produced by researchers, then given to publishers for free in exchange for being published.  After coordinating the peer review process, copy editing, and bundling articles together, publishers charge our campus libraries often exorbitant fees for access, though universities contribute significantly to the creation of articles.

United Academics believes that the ones that paid for the research should also have to right to access that same research. Especially as is strikingly mentioned by ‘the right to research coalition’:

considering that when these resources are publicly available they can have a positive impact for students, patients, doctors, researchers, small businesses, those in developing countries, and everyone else who uses academic research.

To achieve this goal United Academics set up an online knowledge platform where academics can connect, publish, and discuss academic works. We encourage UA members to share knowledge and make it publicly available. We let authors keep their copyrights. We promote ‘Open Access’ publishing. We let the academic world decide on the quality of academic works. We rank members to distinguish excellence from average. We provide a solution for the full spectrum of academic research. We spread a message: connect science and society.

Hopefully we can find some way to work together with ‘the right to research coalition’ to achieve these mutual goals.


Anouk Vleugels

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