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The United Academics Magazine

The UA Magazine delivers news articles, opinion pieces, and long-features on some of the major scientific developments. We cover topics in the field of life sciences, technology, history, and social sciences, among others.

From the human body and mind to the mysteries of space and physics, our online magazine is organized into six main categories: health & medicine, mind & brain, sex & society, space & physics, earth & environment and design & technology.

Who do we write for?

With the help of dedicated writers – scholars, students and science enthusiasts in general –  our editorial board aims at making science attractive and interesting to everyone.  We write for people with passion and curiosity for science and with different educational backgrounds and age spans.  By putting today’s research in the context of everyday life, we strive to connect science and society.

If you want to join us and share your passion for science, find more information here.

Where can you find us?

You can find us on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, StumbleUpon and Pinterest.