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4 Easy Ways to Feel More Attractive

4 Easy Ways to Feel More Attractive

Having a bad hair day, a huge pimple or did you gain some weight during the holidays? Don’t feel ugly, use these tips:

1. Have a drink. Or just think you’re having a drink.
Beauty is in the eye of the beer holder: the more alcoholic drinks people consume, the more attractive they perceive themselves to be. More surprisingly, even the mere expectation of being tipsy is enough to make a person feel prettier. However, it’s only in the mind of the drinker; Other people will not find you more appealing when you’re drunk.

2. Surround yourself with ugly people
Be honest, if you’re surrounded by a group of beautiful people the same sex as you, aren’t you more likely to feel insecure about how you look? To the contrary, you feel prettier around people you perceive as less attractive than yourself. This is called the ‘contrast effect’ and happens constantly and automatically when we compare ourselves with other people. So use this unconscious effect to your advantage and hang out with your ugly friends.

3. Stop smoking
There are two facts: first, women with high levels of estrogen feel prettier, and second, smoking causes a lowered presence of estrogen in your body. So if you’re a female smoker and want to feel more attractive, boost your estrogen levels and stop smoking. Additionally this hormone helps maintain your female features and is vital to your body’s fertility.

4. Hide from materialistic advertising messages
Are you female, and also materialistic? Then it’s better to stay away from media images depicting both the ideal of perfect beauty and having a wealthy lifestyle. Ads using idealized models that emphasize on materialistic values are found to make women, especially materialistic women, very vulnerable to feeling negative about their body.

“We found that women focus more strongly on their appearance when materialistic values are highlighted momentarily to them through priming,” explains lead author Eleni-Marina Ashikali. “At the same time, their awareness of how their bodies fall short of the idealized image is heightened during this priming process, particularly for women who are already materialistic. This means that the influence of materialism is a further factor that makes women more vulnerable to negative body image.”


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