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Neelie Kroes – Ride the Open Access wave

Neelie Kroes – Ride the Open Access wave

Neelie Kroes, Vice-President of the European Commission responsible for the Digital Agenda, recently talked about the importance of Open Access during the Launch of OpenAIRE, the European infrastructure for open access publishing of research results. From the speech:

“Open access is a legal and technical reality today. The question is no longer ‘if’ we should have open access. The question is about ‘how’ we should develop it further and promote it.”

“This “how” is indeed a challenge. It is an organisational and business challenge as the internet revolution disrupts the established models for scholarly dissemination. Open access is also a social challenge. As with all revolutions, the privileges of gatekeepers are revealed and put in doubt. Both knowledge producers and gatekeepers– the publishers and those doing the science – are forced to rethink their roles. All stakeholders will need to participate in this change. Also the funding bodies have an important role because they must ensure that deposit obligations are honoured.”

“The beauty of open access is that it is not against anybody. It is for the free movement of knowledge. With already more than 6000 open access journals in publication it will move ahead since the search for knowledge cannot be stopped. I think we should ride that wave.”

United Academics aims to be this “how” Neelie Kroes is talking about. In the current publishing system the gatekeepers can charge high fees for publishing and they limit access to that research by asking membership fees. Furthermore authors lose copyright and the publication process is slow. We believe this should be changed and that is what we aim to do by developing an online scientific community. In this community members are encouraged to share their knowledge in Open Acces. We want to bring academics back to their primary goal: create & exchange knowledge.

Although we are still beta stage you can request an account for our community here

Read the full speech Neelie Kroes gave here

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